Throughout residential history, tile was employed as a sanitary measure in rooms such as a front entry, kitchen or bathroom. This has changed dramatically over time, as residential tile work now spills into living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, backsplashes and basements, and even exterior areas such as a porch or terrace. Any flat surface presents a possibility and the use of tile or stone as a flooring surface provides numerous benefits. For example, tiled floors are extremely durable, modern grout technology minimizes maintenance and tile will not harbor unwanted bacteria. With the addition of in-floor heat, tiled floors can be comfortable to walk on regardless of internal and external temperatures. Tile or stone is an easy way to give your high wear, high traffic areas a fresh look that will last for decades.

Hohn & Hohn is well-equipped to restore, clean or repair damaged tile and grout by regrouting or recaulking the area. Consider Hohn & Hohn, Inc. for your next tile adventure.


The kitchen is the hub of many households. Considering their frequent use and constant exposure to oils and grease, kitchens need to be functional as well as durable. Using tile or stone in a kitchen is an excellent option, as it blends durability with endless design possibilities, creating a pleasant harmony between practicality and aesthetics. And it is the aesthetics that can really make a kitchen pop; with so many product options and unique areas in a typical kitchen layout, we can create a space that “wows” your guests while simplifying your life. Whether your project involves a new backsplash, wainscot, floor or a tiled countertop, we can help you build your dream kitchen.

Hohn & Hohn is well-equipped to restore, clean or repair damaged tile and grout by regrouting or recaulking the area. Consider Hohn & Hohn, Inc. for your next tile adventure.   


Throughout the past century, bathrooms have showcased the infinite design opportunities of tile and stone. Installed correctly, bathrooms can endure heavy use, are highly efficient and strikingly beautiful. Historically accurate or completely contemporary, any look or feel is possible with the vast selection of tile currently available. Moreover, new products and technologies have broadened the potential within a bathroom, affording our clients the ability to create a truly unique space. Beyond cosmetics, proper installation methods are crucial in certain areas such as showers and tub surrounds, and we take pride in installing your bathroom correctly – the first time.

- Shower Benches, Shelves and Niches: If desired, we customize every bench, shelf and niche to fit with the overall design elements and layout of the tile installation. When installing any of these features, specific framing, waterproofing and sloping techniques are required. Shelves are typically made of Corian, glass, stone or ceramic materials.  
- Steam Showers: Steam showers are great for upper respiratory health and are an upgraded alternative to a traditional shower. However, additional specification requirements are needed when steam is added to a shower, including vapor proofing (not water proofing), vapor breaks, wall cavity insulation, sloped ceilings and the use of a low porosity tile, such as a porcelain tile.  
- Curbless (Barrier-Free) Showers: A barrier-free shower offers a design element that is both visually interesting as well as convenient, affording our clients ease of entry into and out of the shower. By eliminating the shower curb or barrier, the bathroom floor transitions seamlessly into the shower. This flush, contemporary design is great for general accessibility and is especially helpful for disabled individuals. When installing a curbless system, implementing the proper shower floor slope and waterproofing the floor in and outside of the shower is imperative.  
- Linear Drains: The recent introduction of long, linear drains offers interesting design possibilities, as the drain can be placed along a side wall or at the end wall of the shower. Because of this feature, a linear drain system allows our clients to use large format floor tiles in their showers.

Hohn & Hohn is well-equipped to restore, clean or repair damaged tile and grout by regrouting or recaulking the area. Consider Hohn & Hohn, Inc. for your next tile adventure.


There is nothing quite like the warmth and crackle of a fire. While fireplaces are known for providing ambient comfort, a common fireplace can be easily transformed into a unique piece of art. Depending on its design, we typically view a fireplace as two separate pieces: the hearth (or floor) and the fireplace surround. We can focus on one element or both, as the design concept and the fireplace’s original layout and surrounding architecture allow. Tile selection can be based off a new design or custom selected to fit the era or original aesthetic of the home. A few common tile examples include historical Victorian tile, stone, Craftsman-style handmade tile or more contemporary selections such as glass or ledger stone.


Tile and Grout Restoration:
Over time, high use areas such as bathrooms, backsplashes and floors can build up grime, crack from settling or just need a thorough refreshing. This is especially common in areas where moisture is present, such as a shower or tub surround, and these areas can suffer from water damage if left unaddressed. To remedy this, we offer a comprehensive catalog of cleaning services aimed at restoring any tiled area, ceramic or stone. We use industry specific chemicals, sealants and color matched grouts and caulks. Attention to detail and quality of work are paramount – our mission is to restore your area to as close to “new” as possible. A brief list of our services include tile and grout cleaning, wax and sealant stripping, regrouting, recaulking, epoxy grout staining, sealing, enhancing and tile repair. We love all projects new or old, and our restoration services are an excellent and cost-efficient alternative to a complete remodel.      


Antique Tile Matching and Repair:

If you have a tile project in an older property and wish to retain its original aesthetic and historical accuracy, we would love to work with you! Throughout the years, we have developed sources and practices that allow us to accurately match historic tile types and colors. Tile matching or repair can be a great and typically cost effective alternative to a complete tear out and replacement, and it breathes new life into your older or original tile. Whether the job is as small as fixing one cracked wall tile or as large as replacing entire sections of floor, we have the knowledge, care and experience needed to produce the results your historic property deserves.



Project Layout, Tile Selection and Design Consulting:

We understand that a tile project can be an involved, complicated and even intimidating process. With so many product options, you want to get it right the first time and you want the work to coincide with your budget. Hohn and Hohn, Inc. uses decades of experience to aid in defining your vision, helping you select colors, sizes and design elements that fit your project goals. We are happy to work with home owners, architects, designers and contractors, and willing to meet with you at any of the showrooms in the Metro area. In addition, we have connections to showrooms on both east and west coasts, and regularly work with custom tile studios.



Tile Types:
We want to install tile that fits your design, room and budget. We typically work with ceramic, porcelain, stone (marble, granite, etc…), quarry, glass, metal, mosaics, handmade tiles, river rocks and pebbles. Sizes, of course, can vary greatly, ranging from ¼ inch mosaics to 3 foot by ten foot sheets.